Privacy Policy

Last updated: 7th February 2017

1. Visitor / Client

1.1. Browser Cookie

1.1.1. A cookie is a small file stored within your browser that allows us to track a visitor or client's internet viewing habits. Cookies also remember a visitor's personal preferences.
It allows us to identify how their website is being used for marketing purposes. By tracking your viewing habits or a website can be modified to improve a client's overall experience.

1.2. Third Party Website

1.2.1. Third party websites have their own terms of service and privacy policy.
You acknowledge that we have no control over third party websites, privacy policy, terms of service, or how they collect information about you.

2. Client

2.1. Information

2.1.1. When you register for an account, we collect your first name, last name, email address, password, country and phone number.
2.1.2. When you modify your account information, we collect the modified information.
2.1.3. Client's Information is never shared with any third party under any circumstance.
2.1.4. Client's Information is only released to law enforcement officials when a court order mandates said release.

2.2. Account Status

2.2.1. Client that has no activity for 180 days will have an inactive account status.
2.2.2. Client that has activity during the past 180 days will have an active account status.

2.3. Newsletter Email

2.3.1. When you create an account and become our client, you automatically give us permission to send you newsletter. They can be opt-out by ticking to unsubscribe from our newsletters on the client area and clicking unsubscribe on the email.

2.4. Important Email

2.4.1. You'll receive scheduled maintenance, ticket updates, terms of service updates and privacy policy updates email from us if your account status is active.