is for sale. MapleSolaxia based with Web Gachapon and Donation System

MapleStory Private Server

Server, Website, Forum Setup within 2 hours

Ever wanted to have a MapleStory Private Server but do not know how to create one? Here's your chance to have a MapleStory Private Server and let us help you!

If you're looking for a bugless server, then we're sorry to say that there's no such thing and our service will not be suitable for you


  • Your Server URL
  • Green Padlock
  • Online 24/7
  • Server in United Kingdom

Additional Features may also be available
This is a One-time Service. No Support will be provided after Server, Website and Forum is Setup
Freenom is used for Server URL and VMHaus is used for Server

v62 will be based on LeaderMS, v83 will be based on MapleSolaxia or DynastyStory and v117.2 will be based on JudoMS

MapleBit is a Content Management System for MapleStory Private Server and it has features such as Homepage (News/Events/Rankings/GM Blogs), Register, Download, Rankings and Vote

Office 365 Enterprise E3 will be available to you as long as the Server is active as it is required for the Forum to send Email

We'll upload your Server Game Client to a Download Website so that the Public can download

GTop100 is a Game Server Ranking Website and we'll add your Server to GTop100 so that your server is known to the Public

Server URL is also known as a Domain (example: for the Public to visit your Website instead of typing an IP Address

Having a Green Padlock (HTTPS) is important as whatever information that is submitted on the website is encrypted

Your Server will be Online 24/7 hosted by VMHaus, located in United Kingdom

Do note that there are compatibility issues with some version such as:
v117.2 where it will only work on Windows 8 and below
v62/v83 might require to launch the client a few times on higher Windows Operating System

  • Server URL (1 Year)
  • Server (1 Month)
  • Server URL renewable at $8.38/year
  • Server renewable at $7/month