A new Start-up

Raid1.org is a New Cloud Hosting Start-up based in Singapore. Give us a try and let us understand you better :)

A New Start-up based on
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On 23rd February 2017, Raid1 is officially founded by our Founder (Marcus Chiang)

New VPS and Dedicated Server Service

On 31st March 2017, the VPS (Raid1-GAME) and Dedicated Server (BOX-1) service is launched. Hourly VPS and 5 GHz NVMe Dedicated Server


On 14th June 2017, Raid1 is incorporated as Raid1, Inc. in Delaware, United States

New cPanel Kopage Website Builder Service

On 8th July 2017, we've launched the cPanel Kopage Website Builder service in Singapore

Upcoming milestone

What could we reach next? Check back soon :)

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Marcus Chiang

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